Thursday, May 7, 2015

You might have noticed some unusual maths going on in Ruma Tahi recently.  We have been discussing reflections as part of our maths and we are exploring this through art.  We began by looking at 3 different types of reflection pictures.

Then we made a list of all the things that were in all 3 pictures. 

  • the bottom is darker than the top
  • the bottom reflection is upside down
  • there is a line between the ground and the water
  • the reflection is a different colour

We used this list to help us create our own beautiful reflective art. 

There will be more reflective art popping up around Ruma Tahi so feel free to ask us how we made it and how it shows reflection. 
Our end goal is to design and create a reflective picture to use as an invitation for our Grandparents day later in the term.

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