Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Our Writing Journey!

We are learning to write descriptive stories that are interesting to our audience.

Monday: Our first step was to pick a topic to write on. We decided that it should be something to do with Mapua because are audience are people who live in Mapua.

Tuesday: Next Miss Oldham took a picture of the sunrise in Mapua and we had to brain storm all of the interesting things we could see in the photo.

Wednesday: Expanding! We had to look over our brainstorm, pick two or three of our favourite ideas and expand them into descriptive sentences for a draft copy of our writing. 

Once we had completed our stories we got to share our writing with our peers.

Publishing: On Wednesday we also began to publish our work. Our first step was to create the foreground of our picture. We used white pastel to draw the outline of our silhouette on the black paper. Then we added yellow, white and red pastel and smudged it to create the glowing lights of the cars. We had to cut the outline of our silhouette very carefully.

Next we had to paint the background which is the sunrise. We learnt about hot and cold colours. We also found out about mixing colours to make lighter and darker shades.

Stay tuned for our finished product!

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