Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Exciting times in Room 1!

On Monday we started our maths learning. Our focus is statistics. We are learning to group objects by finding similarities. We picked our favourite toys and put them them 5 different groups. We put all the board games together, plastic toys together, key chains together, books together and we left the Nerf gun as in its own group.

In room 1 we have a leader of the day. On Tuesday Paul was our leader. The leader gets to choose which sparkly item they would like to wear.... Paul chose all of them! Our leader of the day gets to be in charge of some activities, be first in line and any extra responsibilities that may pop up during the day.

On Wednesday we did group news. We had one leader who had to pick who was sharing first and make sure everyone got a turn. We are working on using big clear voices and making sure we are looking at the person we are talking to.
On Wednesday we got to do some more Statistics. This time room 2 joined us. First we discussed our question "which is room 1 and 2's  favourite colour" and then we discussed how we can find out. We drew our favourite colour on a piece of paper and had a chance at organising them into a "pictograph" to find out the answer. We worked out the answer was a tie between Blue and Green.

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