Wednesday, March 25, 2015

A week of Fun!!!

The letter of the week is Pp! Room 1 and room 2 made pink pig cup cakes. They were super tasty and fun to make. We all did a great job!

 On the WOW wall this week .......... Scarlett, Ollie and Paul for beautiful behavior during reading time and doing a great job practicing their spelling words. Also the whole of room 1! Room 1 had a super awesome writing session and all students worked so hard.

To start the day this week we have been doing partner dancing. We put on slow music and try and make movements to the music for our partner to copy. We are getting pretty good. There are some pretty smooth dancers in room 1.

Room 1 kids love to play in the sand pit. Almost everyone in room 1 created something in the sand at lunch time on Wednesday. We all worked together to make a masterpiece. We are lucky in room 1, as we all like to play together.

In Room 1 we have been learning about working together. We are now using those skills to create a piece of art that will stay in our room for the rest of the year. We have decided to create a whole class portrait. We are using our whole class book fair picture, drawing ourselves in costume and painting the background. When the background is finished we will place the drawings of ourselves in the correct places around the tree and put it on the wall. Keep your eyes pealed for the finished product.

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